Electronic modules can be replaced or repaired

The four main challenges in body control module software development are increased performance requirements, an increased number of I / O processors and channels, the need to develop a cycle of more complex modules, and the problem of energy consumption in both operating and sleep mode. There are several practical solutions to address these challenges.

How comfort controllers improve the use of the vehicle

The growing number of electronic control units in vehicles reinforces the need for a specially programmed solution to integrate, manage and control automotive electronics from a single controller. Automotive Central Body Control Module provides the necessary solution to meet the growing market demands of vehicle manufacturers and end users. The central module in the car allows the use of fewer electronic modules and cables, which reduces the weight of the car, improves fuel consumption and energy efficiency, and reduces production costs as well as the total cost of ownership.

Most importantly, the comfort controllers in the car increase the safety and comfort of using the vehicle, discovering completely new possibilities for the development of autonomous driving technology. The central module in automotive software development relies on complex embedded software solutions that require deep knowledge and advanced programming skills to meet all driver needs. The control module can manage the energy flow, thus ensuring that too many functions do not consume large amounts of energy at the same time, thus overloading the electrical system. The principle of operation is simple, the most important function at a given moment always receives the optimal energy supply, taking priority over other functions.

You can purchase the comfort controllers in the online shop at Comfort control module bsi bsm. Certainly, the ease of using various functions in the car increases not only the comfort of traveling, but also the safety of vehicles.