Why is it not worth getting rid of the EGR valve in our car?

Are you going to get rid of the EGR valve, and you think that it is completely unnecessary for you, and sometimes it is even to blame for lower engine power? Is his blindness something that is supported by many arguments and advantages?

Why should such an ECR valve remain operational in our car, and at the same time it is worth remembering what it guarantees when it comes to its efficient operation? Of course, you can still find opinions according to which the EGR valve is an unnecessary element for us, having nothing to do with the operating parts that are present in our car. This is a very bad approach to it, one can even say that it usually leads to unpleasant and unexpected consequences. We become not only an increased source of harmful exhaust emissions, but it should not come as a surprise that our drive unit, i.e. the engine itself, simply feels it quite strongly. Unfortunately, the lack of an EGR valve or its incorrect operation will lead to the fact that all impurities and chemical compounds formed during the combustion of fuel and oxygen can damage the engine itself. First, we will feel its uneven work, then a systematic change of revolutions, or even a situation when, while driving, it suddenly goes off. So this is one of the many reasons why it pays to have an efficient EGR valve, and thus take care of it when it has been damaged, and at the same time never decide to clog it or remove it.

Are you looking for the right EGR valve?

Almost always, the first thing that interests us when it comes to replacing car parts is the price, and when it comes to new EGR valves, we have to take into account the cost of several hundred, and often over a thousand zlotys. However, there is an opportunity to minimize such costs, and the shop at EGR valve, which deals with the sale of used car parts, always assessing their technical condition in advance and ensuring that they are fully operational.