Air damper – structure and operation

The throttle in a car is a small component of great importance. The construction of this part is very inconspicuous, so at first glance we may not realize how important it is for the operation of the entire car.

Well, the throttle regulates the engine speed, and thus allows you to regulate the speed of the vehicle. The presence of a throttle in a car is a must, because without it it would be impossible to add gas and change it as smoothly as it is in vehicles that are operating properly. It should be noted here that any faults in the throttle operation can be felt very quickly, because we have problems with increasing the engine speed and thus the speed of the vehicle. A malfunctioning air damper cannot regulate speed correctly and driving a car becomes a real.

How does an air damper work?

The inconspicuous but important throttle operation can be felt basically immediately. If it is damaged, the vehicle will not change its speed despite the fact that we intensively add gas. The air damper is essential in the car. The throttle opens the air intake to the engine, and thus we can increase the speed of the vehicle. When the throttle is operating properly, more pressure on the accelerator pedal will open the air intake more strongly and obtain higher speed. If it doesn’t work properly, air won’t get into the engine and it won’t be able to accelerate properly, and we won’t reach higher speed. In this case, it will be necessary to repair the throttle or at least check that it does not need cleaning sometimes. If you need to buy a new throttle, it is definitely worth taking advantage of the offer available on the website, where you will find very good quality throttles and other spare parts for various makes and models of passenger cars.