Why does electronics play such an important role in modern cars?

Probably each of us who has a driving license had the opportunity to travel by car with automatic air conditioning. On hot days, air conditioning is almost like a salvation. Nowadays, we cannot imagine traveling by car or bus in 30-degree heat without the air conditioning turned on, but only with the windows down. Air conditioning appeared in passenger vehicles several dozen years ago. However, how does the so-called climatronics work?

What makes the temperature that we set on the panel is achieved in the shortest possible time?

This is due to the so-called comfort modules, i.e. electronic devices connected to various sensors, which are designed to make a given system work as efficiently and efficiently as possible. Following the trail of automatic air conditioning, let’s explain briefly what influence the comfort module has on the operation of this system. Well, in ordinary, manual air conditioning, we manually set the air temperature to be flown from the vents – this temperature will be invariably given from the vents. However, in the case of automatic air conditioning, our only task is to set the temperature we want to achieve inside the car. Only then, after determining this temperature, sensors such as the external temperature sensor, internal temperature sensor, sun sensor, etc. will work. It is thanks to the data obtained from these sensors that the climatronic device is able to set the operation of the entire system in the shortest possible time to achieve and maintain the appropriate temperature requested by the user. However, is it possible to add an appropriate comfort module to a car that does not have one? If the manufacturer previously provided this type of module and it was installed as an additional option for a given model, we can always buy the necessary sensors and the module itself. If you are looking for the right module, check out here: https://www.worldecu.com/en/fuse-box-bsi . On the aftermarket, we can find a lot of interesting, used parts at really low prices.